Washing Machine Cleaning Agent

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Sure, your washer cleans your clothes, but what’s cleaning your washer?  You need Washing Machine Cleaning Agent!

Over time detergent scum, calcium deposits, lint, and bacteria build up behind the drum and inside the pipes of washing machines. This unseen buildup is a cause of unpleasant odors, clothing discoloration, and washing machine breakdowns. Our Washing Machine Cleaning Agent breaks down and flushes out this unseen build up, resulting in a clean smelling, more efficient washing machine.

  • Flushes out built-up detergent scum, calcium deposits, lint and bacteria
  • Prevents washing machine breakdowns
  • Prevents clothing discoloration
  • Designed to clean inside all makes and models of top load and front load washing machines.


  1. Remove clothing or other items before using Washing Machine Cleaning Agent.
  2. For a top-loading washing machine, pour 1 pouch of it directly into your washer tub.
  3. For a front-loading washing machine, pour 1 pouch of it into your detergent dispenser drawer.
  4. Run washer on normal cycle with the hot water setting.


  • Weight: 90g


  • 1pc x Washing Machine Cleaning Agent

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