Ultimate Eco-Friendly Tap Filter

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Have you ever looked inside your sink faucet? Because of old water pipes, corroded faucets and poor management, the water we use is dirtier than what we think!
Our Ultimate Eco-Friendly Tap Filter with water purification system purifies and improves the quality of water! Helping you to save water and detergent.
By using the environmentally-friendly method, it effectively block particles found in old water pipes like dust, impurities ,rust, etc. 
If we consume rust and heavy metals for a long time, it is harmful to our health and if absorbed by the skin, they can cause various skin diseases. Enjoy the healthy water with our Ultimate Eco-Friendly Tap Filter.
  • Splash Proof
  • Effectively reduce contaminants -  filters out odors and impurities such as 99% lead, chlorine 

  • Water Saving up to 70%
  • Easy to install and suitable for most round taps 


  • Size:


  • 1pc x Ultimate Eco-Friendly Tap Filter

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