Laundry Dye-Trapping Sheet (20pcs)

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Keep the color of your clothes as bright and vibrant as your energy!
Our Laundry Dye-Trapping Sheet absorbs and traps loose dyes in your wash water, and protects your clothes against damage from color bleeds.
With the advanced nano-cellular technology, you can wash light and colored clothes together in laundry without color runs. 

The sheet in changed color implies the absorption of all loose dyes, which helps preserve the original bright colors of clothes.
  • Anti-dye laundry of mixed colors:
    Wash lights and darks together without worrying about bleeding

  • Locking up loose dyes :
    Prevents dyes from bleeding onto other clothes

  • Premium nano-cellular fiber paper:
    Special treatment of clothing color drop and absorption of impurities 

  • Time and Money Saver :
    Reduce the need for sorting and half-size loads

  • Convenient and Practical :
    Simply place the sheet in your laundry to retain clothes color bright and beautiful 


  1. Place 1 sheet in the washing machine then add detergent and clothing.
    Use 2 sheets for large loads or loads with new, dark, or non-colorfast garments.
  2. Applicable to all your favorite laundry products.
  3. Discard sheet(s) after use. Sheets are dryer safe.


  • Material : Viscose, polyester
  • Packing Size: 14 x 12.5 cm 
  • Gram Weight: 0.1g 


  • 1 pack x Laundry Dye-Trapping Sheet (20pcs) 

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